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British Swords of General Francis Hugonin

The swords of General Francis Hugonin (1750 - 1836) of the 4th Queens Own Dragoons. Left to right: A pattern 1796 heavy cavalry officer's service sword by Woolley & Co., Birmingham, made c. 1797. Blue and gilt blade with regimental badge of the 4th Dragoons and owner's initials "FH". A pattern 1788 heavy cavalry officer's sword, with 33 in. blade engraved "R Sohlingen 1782" along the back edge. A "Celtic hilted" heavy cavalry officer's sword dating from around 1811-20. Hugonin was commissioned into the 4th Dragoons as a Cornet min March 1768. He was promoted becoming Colonel of the Regiment in 1808 having reached the rank of Lieutenant General in 1810.replica rolex
This is a remarkable suite of swords representing the transition of swords from the 1780's through to the end of the Napoleonic Wars. Hugonin's reguimental allegiance means that the swords can be directly related to those carried by the unit and most partiocularly the 'Celtic Hilt' sword which has been attributed the 4th Dragoons as a sword in use principally by officers of that regiment.

Hilts 1

Hilts 2

The three swords full length