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British 1796 LC swords to 14th Light Dragoons

Three 1796 Light Cavalry swords all to the 14th Light Dragoons. The swords are of the standard pattern 1796 light cavalry and are all marked to the regiment. It is however unusual to find swords marked in this way outside regimental collections. This regiment saw action throughout the whole of rolex replica the Peninsular War 1808 1814 and rolex replica were the only regiment to be spared Moore's retreat to Corunna. In 1813 they were swiss watches given the nickname "The Emperor's Chambermaids" after they captured the silver chamber pot of King Joseph Bonaparte at Vittoria which is still used as a toasting cup in the Officers' Mess. After the war, two squadrons were sent to North America where they took part in the replica rolex battle of New Orleans on 8th January 1815 though hampered by the fact that their horses had not arrived with them. The Regimental Battle Honours : Douro, Talavera, Oporto (1809), Busaco (1810), Fuentes d'Onoro (1811), Badajoz, Salamanca (1812), Vittoria, Pyrenees (1813), Orthes, rolex replica Toulouse (1814). as a result of being in America they took no part in the Waterloo campaign.