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British Artillery Officer's sword to 2nd Lancashire Art. Vol's

This is an example of an Artillery officers sword used during World War I. This is a particularly interesting example as it bears the inscription :- “2nd Lancashire Artillery Volunteers”. This artillery unit was formed at Crosby, Liverpool on 3rd December 1859 and was disbanded and amalgamated into the HQ unit on 3rd August 1864.replica rolex
The sword also bears the owners initials. This means that the sword is an example made between those dates or one owned by an officer who originally served in that unit and had its name inscribed on the blade.replica rolex
The sword was retailed by Hobson & Sons of 1-5 Lexington St. London. Interestingly they were only at that address from the early 1880's which dates the blade after the disbanding of the unit. The scabbard is the standard field service issue for the First World War. See: Litchfield N. & Westlake R. ‘The Volunteer Artillery 1859-1908’ and Robson B. ‘Swords of the British Army’ p.229

Blade detail 1

Blade detail 2

Blade owners initials


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