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British 1796 Heavy Cavalry Officers Service swords

Two examples of British 1796 Heavy Cavalry officers service swords. The top/right one is the variant hilt, the bottom/left is the standard pattern. THse swords rolex replica uk essentially had the same blade pattern as the troopers versions however often etched and gilded. The scabbard was also almost identical though some examples appear to have a slight curve to the mouth to accommodate the curvature of the guard. The guard itself exists in a number of forms. Illustrated here is both the standard 'ladder' hilt and replica rolex a variant. In later years a variation of the blade began to appear with a 'pipe back' and a false edge for the last10 inches. These swords were utilised as fighting 'service' swords with a lighter 'boatshell' guard sword used for walking out and dismounted order.

hilts 1

hilts 2